2014 RICHMOND PARK MARATHON, LONDON, ENGLAND: 5:28:37 (2014-05-18)

2017 LONDON MARATHON, ENGLAND: 5:15:31 (2017-04-23)


Race report:


Capital: London (8,54 million)

Population: 53 million

Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)

Famous people from England:

Charles Darwin (naturalist), Princess Diana, David Beckham (soccer), J.K Rowling (author), Jane Austen (novelist), Winston Churchill (politician/author), William Shakespeare (writer), Charles Dickens (novelist)

Fun facts about England:

London was known by different names previously. When the Romans invaded England, they referred London as Londonium. The Saxons called it Ludenwic and during the reign of Alfred the Great, it the city was known as Ludenburg.
The largest and the oldest royal residence in the word is the Windsor Castle. The castle is also under continuous occupation and it is still being used as a royal home.

In England during the medieval ages, even animals were not spared from the law. Any animal caught for doing any mischief or damage would be brought to court and tried and sentenced by the judge.

The Buckingham Palace was constructed on the site of a brothel.

From 1066 to 1362, French was the official language of England.

The world’s first postage stamps were issued in England. Since English were the first to issue postage stamps, England is the only country in the world that does not mention the country’s name on the stamps.

More facts: