2014 CYPRUS MARATHON, PAPHOS, CYPRUS: 4:07:15 (2014-03-09)


Race report:


Capital: Nicosia (285,000 people)

Population: 1,13 million

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Famous people from Cyprus:

Aphrodite (Goddess of love), George Michael (music), Pygmalion (King of Cyprus in Greek mythology)

Fun facts about Cyprus:

Cypriot legend claims Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was born and rose from the foam (”afros,” in Greek) near a rock off what’s now Aphrodite’s Beach.

At the end of a stream of souvenir shops in Paphos you’ll find an archaeological site dating to the 4th century BC. But that isn’t what makes Paphos historically unique – the remains of ancient tombs, fortresses and palaces have made the whole town a Unesco World Heritage Site. Paphos is a top international treasure.

It has the world’s oldest wine label. To be exact, the Cypriot dessert wine commandaria is recognized as the world’s oldest named wine. Knight crusaders are thought to have named it in the 13th century, but it may have been made for 5,000 years. King Richard the Lionheart of England is said to have been so taken with commandaria that at his wedding he pronounced it ”the wine of kings and the king of wines.” Produced in the fertile high-altitude slopes in the southwest of Cyprus, it has a sweet, herby taste that evokes the island’s aromas.

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