2013 AMSTERDAM MARATHON, NETHERLANDS: 4:03:11 (2013-10-20)


Race report:


Capital: Amsterdam

Population: 16,8 million

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Famous people from Netherlands:

Vincent van Gogh (painter), Rembrandt (painter), Villem Barentsz (navigator and explorer), Johan Cruijff (soccer), Ruud Gullit (soccer), Marco van Basten (soccer), Dennis Bergkamp (soccer), Arjen Robben (soccer)

Fun facts about Netherlands:

Amsterdam residents are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world. On average, an Amsterdam resident consumes a minimum of 140 litres of coffee per year or about 3.2 cups of coffee per day.

Amsterdam Natives Are the Tallest in the World — The average height for a Dutch male is 184 cm, and the average height for a Dutch female is 170 cm. According to several different studies, this height is attributed to their DNA and healthy eating habits.

There are around 16 million bicycles in Holland, which supposedly means almost one for every inhabitant.

The highest point in the country is called the ‘mountain’ and it is as much as 323 meters high.

Holland is 6.7 meters below sea level, at its lowest point, which is a polder near Rotterdam.

Holland is the third largest exporter of agricultural produce, after U.S. and France, even though only 3% of the Dutch population is employed in the agriculture sector.

The war between Holland and Japan ensued on 8th December 1941. Netherland met defeat and lost one of its strongholds Indonesia to the Japanese army in March 1942.

More facts:


Good advice about Amsterdam is to book accommodations several months before the marathon. Communications are very good in the Netherlands so you can even book a place outside the Dutch capital. I stayed 30 minutes east of Amsterdam and took an early morning train to the start.