2013 OSLO MARATHON, NORWAY: 4:25:37 (2013-09-21)


Race report:


Capital: Oslo (925,000)

Population: 5 million

Currency: Norwegian Krone (NKR)

Famous people from Norway:

Grete Waitz (long-distance runner), Ingrid Kristiansen (long-distance runner), Aha (music), Edvard Munch (painter), Roald Amundsen (polar explorer, first to reach South Pole), Fridtjof Nansen (arctic explorer), Thor Heyerdahl (explorer), Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (soccer), Marit Björgen (skier), Björn Daehlie (skier), Kjetil André Aamodt (skier)

Fun facts about Norway:

It is believed that the name Norway means “Path to the North”.

The coastline of Norway, including fjords and bays, stretches over 20,000 kilometers.

Norway is the sixth largest country of Europe, in terms of land mass. However, in terms of population, it ranks only 28th.

The Christmas tree, which stands in Trafalgar Square in London, has been presented by ‘City of Oslo’ to the UK, for over fifty years.

The per capita income of Norway ranks among the highest in the world.

Norway was rated the most peaceful country in the world, in a survey conducted by Global Peace Index in 2007.

More facts:


Oslo is an expensive city, be sure to book your hostel/hotel in time