2013 HELSINKI CITY MARATHON, FINLAND: 4:55:43 (2013-08-17)


Race report:


Capital: Helsinki

Population: 5,4 million

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Famous people from Finland:

Jean Sibelius (composer), Tarja Halonen (Finlands first female president), Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (polar explorer, completed the first crossing of the Northeast Passage), Paavo Nurmi (runner with nine Olympic gold medals), Jari Kurri (ice hockey), Tove Jansson (author)

Fun facts about Finland:

They drink more coffee per person than anyone else in the world, (12 kg per year).

Finland created a National Failure Day in 2010, (to learn from mistakes and not repeat them).

They host a whole bunch of odd competitions, including wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, air guitar and boot throwing.

Finland has been ranked number 1 in the world for education.

It has the least corrupt government in the word (according to 2012 statistics)

Finland has the most heavy metal bands, with 53 per 100 000 people.