2013 EDINBURGH MARATHON, SCOTLAND 4:24:05 (2013-05-26)


Race report:


Capital: Edinburgh (1,34 million)

Population: 5,3 million

Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)

Famous people from Scotland:

JK Rowling (author and philanthropist), Adam Smith (economist), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone), Robert Louis Stevenson (author of Treasure Island), Sir Walter Scott (author), Greyfriar Bobby (dog)

Fun facts about Scotland:

The Flag of Scotland is a white X-shaped cross, which represents the cross of the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew on a blue field. The flag is called the Saltire or the Saint Andrew’s Cross.

Scotland has three officially recognized languages: English, Scots (a relative of English) and Scottish Gaelic (a completely different language).

Scotland emphasizes on a broad education system and was the first country since Sparta in classical Greece to implement a system of general public education.

Edinburgh is Europe’s fifth largest financial center.

Genetic studies are now pointing that the mutation for red hair, which now reaches a world maximum in Western Scotland and Northern Ireland, may have originated in Central Asia too. This means that Scottish people may be (partly) descended from ancient people from Central Asia. Surprised? So were we, so here’s one source:


There are many great inexpensive options in the beautiful Scottish capital. I stayed at the huge Castle Rock Hostel just a minute walk from the castle. Be sure to spend a few days in Edinburgh, it is an fascinating city!